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Joseph Ivey, Leake County, Mississippi


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I'm descended from Joseph Ivey of Leake County, MS. My grandfather was Charlie ivey, his father Joseph Andrew Ivey, his father Edward Ivey, his father Mathew Ivey, and his father Joseph Ivey.

It looks like maybe my branch of the family is not connected to any of the other Iveys in Mississippi, and I'm not sure we can trace back beyond Joseph Ivey.

My cousin took a Y-DNA test, and his haplogroup is J-M127 (or at a more specific level J-Z638). Another great-grandson of Edward Ivey tested with the same haplogroup, but we don't seem to match any of the other Iveys that I can tell from looking at the DNA project.

My cousin did the Geno 2 test from National Geographic, so we aren't set up to see family matches on FTDNA or any of the other DNA sites.

I'm just wondering if anyone has any ideas/theories/information about our Joseph Ivey and where he came from.

I know others assumed he was related to the James Ivey from Jasper County, but the DNA tests are not bearing this out. We could have had a non-paternal event between Edward Ivey and Joseph Ivey, but right now the only information we have seems to suggest that Joseph Ivey's descendants are not at all related to James Ivey's descendants.

As I said, I'm really just fishing for ideas here. If you do have any information about the Joseph Ivey from Leake County, Mississippi, please share.

Sharon Gerald

Posted on December 2, 2018 at 1:57 PM


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Re: Joseph Ivey, Leake County, Mississippi

Joseph is probably related to James Croft, James Ivey and Jacob Blackwell who are with him in the 1820 Covington MS Census. James Ivey is probably the son of James Ivey (b. 1745* - d. 1820 Marlboro SC. Joseph is also connected to Isham Ivey 1824 Covington MS and was born in Robeson NC. Joseph lived in Clarke MS 1815, Monroe AL 1816, Covington MS 1821, Yazoo MS, and Leake Ms 1836 - 1850. I wish I had a few AtDNA tests that included Joseph in the pedigree. I have about 250 tests, 16 include Joseph of IL, and 0 Joseph Ivey from Yazoo MS. We need some of your cousins to have their AtDNA tested and then upload the results the Gedmatch. This last month I started asking cousins if they had their DNA tested and I found three that had been tested.

Duane Johnson

Posted on December 9, 2018 at 1:05 AM