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All of James (1814) Ivy's siblings census and tax records list them as white. However, this is a determination based on the census takers visual determination and it isn't always accurate. Likewise in 1840 James (1814) Crawford census lists a James (?1814) Ivy as a free colored person . In the same census is listed a Joseph Ivy who possibly is the brother of James (1814). Joseph is listed as a free colored person. Someone needs to prove the connection.

However, a free colored person doesn't always mean the person is Black. In the 1840 census Indians would have usually been recorded in the free colored person category. I am writing an article on this subject and will let you know when it can be downloaded from the web site library. There will be more articles on race groups that will be added to the library.

I am still looking into AtDNA matches and their common ancestors. Also there is some interesting findings of some Ivy's ethnicity findings. Could Ivy's be Phoenicians, Were some Ivy's considered to be mulattoes. Can under the law an Indian be designated a mulatto. Can a free colored person be an Indian. What race groups do most Ivy's share. Did law allow Indians to be slaves. Could the Indians use the court system. If an Indian slave won in court his freedom could he stay in the state.

I am currently using AtDNA match information to find common ancestors. I am only at the initial stage but I think I can prove that James (1814) Ivy, is the son of Joseph Ivy (IL), and Joseph Ivy is the long lost son of James (1745) Ivy. Also here may be some African race in some of Joseph,s children and there are indications there is a Indian race in Joseph's (IL). I here there is a tradition that the Indian is Seminal. James (1745) great grandchildren (28) of them said that James was 1/2 Indian. I have requested ethnic information from Joseph's decendents but no one had responded.

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Duane Johnson

Posted on June 12, 2018 at 6:04 PM