Tracker Software

FREE software 45,422 Ivey Family Tree Record Abstracts

After 40 years of research on Ivey / Ivy lines in the United States, 45,422 record summaries are now available for your genealogical research.  Previous Ivey books provided some suggested Ivey relationships but they failed to include source documents.  Now you can obtain source information, suggested relationships, and a powerful viewing program which can help you prove your own family line.

The "Tracker" software is available at no cost. It will only run under the Windows operating system. To download the program simply click the link below. The download file is name "InstallPrg" and will be copied to your "Downloads" folder on your computer.

Open the "Downloads" folder. Double click on the "InstallPrg" file. Verify the "Extract to" directory is C:\Tracker". Do not change "Tracker" folder name or location!!! This location is used by the program. Press the "Start" button and the program will decompress and load in the "Tracker" folder. Navigate to the C:\Tracker folder. Double-click on the file named "Tracker" and the program will load and is ready to use. Also, you might want to setup up a desktop icon to use to load the "Tracker" program. When running the program, note that at the first menu screen you can access a USERS GUIDE instruction.

Click the link below to download the Tracker software:

Download Ivey Records (5.56MB)